5 Ways Diet Culture Hurts Your IBS

5 ways diet culture hurts your ibs.png

Is Diet Culture making your IBS…worse?!

First off, let’s talk about Diet Culture. I’ve seen many definitions of it, but in essence it’s a belief system (or glorification) of losing weight. It’s the idea that your worth is based on your size. And this belief system sneaks in even when we don’t know it!

Here are 5 ways that Diet Culture may be hurting your IBS:

🍵 Skinny teas have been marketed all over Insta, but what exactly do they do? Depending on the brand, they likely contain a laxative called senna. Have IBS-D? Get ready for some more 💩!

🍚Do you feel guilt from eating refined carbs…even though they may be easier to tolerate during a flare? That guilt is diet culture sneaking in. You shouldn’t feel guilty because you’re not making the “healthier” choice. Eating the food that makes you feel good IS the healthier choice.

🥦 Do raw veggies make you extra gasey? Try cooking them instead! Ignore what you’ve read about raw fruits and veggies being “healthier” and prepare them in a way that’s easier for you to digest.

🏋🏼‍♀️ Do your symptoms feels worse after a HIIT workout but you continue to do them because they burn more calories? Stop. Do the workout you enjoy. (If you ENJOY certain workouts that increase your symptoms there are ways to modify your diet to ease up on these symptoms)

🍩This is my least favorite mainly because I am guilty of saying this in my past when I worked in weight loss…”your symptoms will feel better if you lose weight”. Umm actually no. Your symptoms will improve once you create a healthy relationship with food and identify your specific triggers.

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