Low FODMAP Breakfast

Confused about what to have for breakfast while on the #lowfodmap diet? How bout some oatmeal?!

Oats in the right portion size can be #fodmapfriendly. I used steel cut oats, which actually haven’t been tested BUT groats have (which are the hulled kernel of the whole oat grain). Stick to 1/4 cup to start and see how you feel.

I also LOVE blueberries for their high level of antioxidants and they go perfect with oatmeal. Your low FODMAP portion size? 1/4 cup. If you know Fructans aren’t a problem for you, bump it up to 1/2 cup!

Next we need a little bit of protein/healthy fats! You could really add most nuts if you keep it to a small portion (1-2 tbsp) but I added 1/4 pecans because 1) I like pecans and 2) it’s a fodmap friendly portion:

Finally I added a dash of cinnamon on top (there’s some cooked into the oats too!) because it adds some great flavor, is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties AND some studies have shown it can help with blood sugar control.

Do you have a favorite low FODMAP breakfast? Tell me about it!

low fodmap breakfast.jpeg

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