Why am I so BLOATED? Answers from a GI Dietitian

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Can’t figure out why you’re so BLOATED all the time?! This is the number one reason most clients end up reaching out to me. Read on for the top reasons that I see in my practice.

1. You’re a fast eater, meaning you don’t fully chew your food! Speeding through your meals means you take in more air or don’t break down your food enough. The fix? Take your time and chew to an applesauce like consistency. This is much easier said than done! I encourage my fast eating clients to choose just ONE meal a day to start out. Turn off your TV, leave your phone in the other room, and just enjoy the meal in front of you. Pay attention to how you’re feeling during the meal, but more importantly how you feel for the hour or so AFTER.

2. You live on carbonated beverages like La Croix or soda, you chew gum all day long and/or you drink through a straw. These all require you to take in excess air, which can lead to bloating. I’m not saying you need to completely remove your bubbly beverages, but pay attention to how you feel before and after drinking them. Increased bloat? Start with cutting down on the number you drink. As for gum and straws, just get rid of them. Sub in mints for gum and avoid straws whenever you can. Most places are limiting their plastic straws anyway, and we all know those paper straws just dissolve 30 seconds after getting in your cup!

3. You eat large portions. I see this in people who don’t eat regular meals (and end up starving or binge eating), are out of touch with their hunger/fullness cues and in people who practice intermittent fasting. This goes back to the above tip of slowing down with your meals/chewing, which may make you more in tune with how you’re actually feeling while eating (especially your fullness cues). It’s important to note, some bloating is a completely normal part of digestion. If your bloat is painful or you look 6 months pregnant hours after eating, that’s NOT a normal part of digestion.

4. Constipation means you’re backed up with 💩! If everything is stagnant in your intestines, then this can lead to a sensation of bloating.

5. You have IBS and/or SIBO which isn’t well managed. If you are constantly feeling the senstion of bloating (like a balloon in your belly) or you look 6 months pregnant by the end of the day, then something else is going on. I see so many people that have experienced these symptoms for so long and then at some point say wait, this ISN’T normal? I don’t have to feel this way everyday? Nope, there are solutions!

6. You have undiagnosed Celiac or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Another alternative, you’ve been diagnosed but may still be getting “glutened”!

Do any of these things resonate with you? Tell us about it below! 👇🏻

Are you intersted in finding a solution to your bloat? Reach out to me here to discuss booking a consult.

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