5 Things That May Be Causing Your BLOAT

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Curious what you’re eating that may be contributing to your bloat? Here are 5 things I always ask about during my consults:

🥤Are you a La Croix addict? Sparkling water is delicious (and makes me feel a little fancy 💁🏼‍♀️) but all those bubbles are creating extra air in your body. Excess air = excess bloat.

🍩Granola bars may contain added fiber ingredients like inulin or chicory root. While fiber is an important part of a gut friendly diet, the amount of fiber and how quickly it passes through you can affect how you feel. These tend to pass through more quickly leading to gas/bloating.

🍬 Gum has two reasons it may be causing you to bloat: excess air or sugar alcohols. Like sparkling water, all that excess air you’re taking in by chewing may be causing your bloat. The other reason is it may contain sugar alcohols which can lead to gas/bloating.

🧄 Garlic & onion, so beloved yet so hated by those with IBS. They’re high in a FODMAP called Fructans which are malabsorbed/fermented by everyone. Unfortunately for some with IBS, they can lead to bloating.

🍫Protein bars: raise your hand if you’ve been crushing ThinkThin or Quest bars and are confused why you feel awful? Sugar alcohols! Maltitol is a big one in these bars. It’s used because it has zero calories. Unfortunately consuming too many sugar alcohols can cause bloating/have a laxative effect.

Remember, not ALL of these things may be causing your bloat. If you have IBS, identifying some food triggers, like FODMAPs can help. Interested in working together to figure this out? Click here to set up a consult 🍍

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