Gut Friendly Kiwi Kefir Smoothie!

kefir kiwi smoothie.JPG

I found my new favorite smoothie recipe! It’s tart & sweet & great for your gut health 

This smoothie is filled with lots of prebiotics and probiotics from not only the fruit, veggies and kefir but the addition of @upliftfood 

I’ve mentioned it before but you need PREBIOTICS aka gut-food in order for your probiotics to do their job. Prebiotics come come lots of different foods like garlic, bananas  and cocoa!  The @upliftfood supplement contains green banana flour and Jerusalem artichoke as it’s prebiotic source.

I used kiwi for a few reasons:

1. I had them in my house 

2. I like them.

3. They have a natural laxative effect (due to the fiber and pectin), which makes them amazing for #guthealth


Table of Contents

1 cup lactose free kefir (I like Green Valley Creamery)

1 cup frozen pineapple

1 small kiwi

1/3 cup zucchini

1 Tbsp Uplift Foods Daily Uplifter

1 Tsp coconut oil


  1. Add all to high speed blender.

  2. Enjoy!

FYI the smoothie itself is #lowfodmap friendly but you need to eliminate the @upliftfood daily uplifter. Sub in a scoop of vanilla protein powder! 

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