Kimchi Fried Rice

kimchi before and after.jpg

One of my absolute FAVORITE meals is Kimchi Fried Rice! Besides the fact that you only need 4 ingredients, it has amazing #guthealth benefits.

So what is Kimchi? It’s a super flavorful Korean side dish that’s made up of fermented veggies (typically cabbage). Fermented foods (like kimchi) are full of probiotics, which can improve your digestion and get things moooving.

To make my Kimchi Fried Rice, just grab a jar of Kimchi (I tried out @traderjoes but typically use @wildbrine ), a bag of frozen brown rice and cauliflower rice and two eggs. Microwave the brown rice, while sautéing the cauliflower rice and eggs. Mix in the brown rice while ready and then the kimchi. Continuing cooking for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Do you like #kimchi ? What’s your favorite way to use it?

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