What’s the Most Gut-Friendly Bread??

sourdough toast.JPG

What do you think the most gut-friendly bread is? While there could be a lot of really good answers (whole wheat! Sprouted grain!), I’m going to have to go with Sourdough bread 🥖 . At least from a low FODMAP perspective.

Sourdough bread uses a culture that contains wild yeast and lactobacillus bacteria, which basically “consumes” some of the carbs in the grain used (some of those carbs are Fructans which cause GI distress!).

Stuff to look for when choosing a sourdough bread:
-read the ingredients! It should not contain yeast because that usually means it’s fast rising yeast. We want slow rising!
-spelt, white or wheat is fine as long as it meets above criteria.

Does anyone have a favorite Sourdough??

Pictured above: whole wheat sourdough, avocado, fried egg and @traderjoes Smoked Paprika

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