What milk is “gut-friendly”??


Did you grow up drinking a lot of milk? I did! We even had our milk delivered…and not by @instacart but by an actual dairy farm . I drank so much milk and 9 times out of 10 would have a stomach ache.

What type of milk do you drink, cook with, or put in your coffee? I’m an almondmilk girl when it comes to my coffee and most recipes that call for milk. •

Do you need to go dairy-free if you’re following the Low FODMAP diet? The answer is, no not technically! Lactose is the carbohydrate in milk that most people have issues digesting. Luckily there are PLENTY of milks out there that are lactose free, including certain cow’s milk. •

Above are two gut-friendly milk options, @fairlife lactose free milk (which is ultra filtered and has extra protein) and unsweetened almondmilk. You can also choose oatmilk, coconut milk or rice milk. All are considered lactose free and therefore more gut-friendly.

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