5 IBS Friendly Fiber Sources (and how to use them)

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Oh fiber. So important yet so scary for some people with IBS. Some questions I get:

🥕Shouldn’t I just be taking a supplement?
🥕Won’t it make my stomach hurt more?
🥕What’s the difference between insoluble and soluble?

In my practice I recommend food over supplements (most of the time) but I have no problem recommending one if needed. With that, I encourage my clients to start including a variety of fiber filled foods in their diet! All the options above are Low FODMAP or have low serving sizes.

Your stomach may hurt from fiber if you go from minimal fiber intake to 35g. If you have another GI condition, like gastroparesis, too much fiber may hurt your belly as well.

Soluble turns into a gel in your digestive system, basically slowing it down. Insoluble fiber adds more bulk to your 💩

Above are some of my favorite types of fiber that I recommend to clients. These are great options when it comes to adding some diversity to your diet! The next slide are some fun ways to include them in your day to day 🥕

Which one is your favorite? Tell us below!

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